Have you heard about Personas?

Have you heard about Personas?

They are all the rage! Personas are representations of your current customers. A Persona describes who your customers are, what their goals are, and their behavior throughout the buying process. A successful marketer knows how to identify their best customers.

Believe it or not, Personas first came on the scene in 1983 in UX (User Experience) design with Alan Cooper a pioneer software developer. (Source: Wikipedia) Cooper began using a prototype of what the persona would become utilizing data from casual interviews with seven to eight individual software users.

In 1995, Cooper became curious on how a specific rather than generalized user would operate with the interface of his software. This lead to the publishing of his 1999 book titled: The Inmates are Running the Asylum, this book offers information on the best practices for creating personas and recommends that software should speed the user towards their ultimate goal.

In addition to Cooper, the concept of understanding customer segmentation in marketing was an idea of Angus Jenkinson. (Source: Wikipedia) Angus Jenkinson is a professor, entrepreneur, consultant, writer and photographer. Jenkinson was born in Africa, moved to Scotland as a child and finished his education at Oxford University achieving a MA Hons in English.

Jenkinson’s method of Personas suggests creating fictional characters to represent customer segments. Jenkin’s approach humanized analytical data and helped marketers connect with the wants and needs of their target market. Jenkinson’s approach became so popular it was adopted by OgilvyOne Worldwide (Source: axzm.com) an interactive marketing company.

Personas in marketing are a powerful tool; they find a human connection in heaps of analytical data. If you are interested in targeting specific Personas CAS can help, we have over 210 million individuals modeled from our analytics team. Our Personas were characterized from hundreds of demographics, including actual transactional data, as well as self-reported interest and behaviors from product registration cards and surveys.

Our 36 Persona segments make it possible for marketers to target their prospect households who not only share the same socioeconomic status, but who also act similar in their purchasing habits. Persona segmentation can lead to improved prospect marketing effectiveness, and give you a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Additionally, appending Personas to your customer database will enable you to identify, upsell, and cross-sell opportunities within your existing customer database. Personas can assist list owners in the development of new products and services, with tailored messages designed just for them.

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