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You may know that CAS is one of the industry leaders in the data world, but did you know that CAS is also one of the only companies in our industry to be ISO 9001 certified?

But what does being ISO 9001 certified mean?

ISO 9001 is a worldwide standard administered by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), based in Switzerland. ISO 9001 is currently in use by over one million organizations and companies all over the world.

ISO certification is based on quality management principles, which are continually audited and monitored to maintain the high level of excellence our customers come to expect from CAS. These principles help CAS to continuously improve our organization and performance.

At CAS, quality is our number one priority. Being an ISO 9001 certified company for over 18 years; CAS is required to maintain a high level of quality assurance in design, development, production and servicing.

Some of the benefits of being an ISO 9001 certified company include:

  • Involving executive management in the improvement of the quality management system
  • Ensuring sustained customer satisfaction by producing, delivering, providing support functions that meet our customers’ needs and expectations
  • Increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the organization through continual improvement of systems and quality of products/services
  • Controlled operational processes, insuring consistent output quality

As a customer, working with a company that is ISO 9001 certified ensures that you receive consistent, high quality data and services. When given the choice in where to purchase your data, wouldn’t you want to work with an industry leader that holds itself to a higher level of quality standards? The real difference between “good” and “bad” data is QUALITY.

Being an ISO 9001 certified company since 1998 shows CAS’ dedication to continued organizational improvement and excellence in quality.

Read more about CAS’ ISO 9001 certification here or give us a call 866-461-4693.

18 Aug 2016

Have you heard about Personas?

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They are all the rage! Personas are representations of your current customers. A Persona describes who your customers are, what their goals are, and their behavior throughout the buying process. A successful marketer knows how to identify their best customers.

Believe it or not, Personas first came on the scene in 1983 in UX (User Experience) design with Alan Cooper a pioneer software developer. (Source: Wikipedia) Cooper began using a prototype of what the persona would become utilizing data from casual interviews with seven to eight individual software users.

In 1995, Cooper became curious on how a specific rather than generalized user would operate with the interface of his software. This lead to the publishing of his 1999 book titled: The Inmates are Running the Asylum, this book offers information on the best practices for creating personas and recommends that software should speed the user towards their ultimate goal.

In addition to Cooper, the concept of understanding customer segmentation in marketing was an idea of Angus Jenkinson. (Source: Wikipedia) Angus Jenkinson is a professor, entrepreneur, consultant, writer and photographer. Jenkinson was born in Africa, moved to Scotland as a child and finished his education at Oxford University achieving a MA Hons in English.

Jenkinson’s method of Personas suggests creating fictional characters to represent customer segments. Jenkin’s approach humanized analytical data and helped marketers connect with the wants and needs of their target market. Jenkinson’s approach became so popular it was adopted by OgilvyOne Worldwide (Source: an interactive marketing company.

Personas in marketing are a powerful tool; they find a human connection in heaps of analytical data. If you are interested in targeting specific Personas CAS can help, we have over 210 million individuals modeled from our analytics team. Our Personas were characterized from hundreds of demographics, including actual transactional data, as well as self-reported interest and behaviors from product registration cards and surveys.

Our 36 Persona segments make it possible for marketers to target their prospect households who not only share the same socioeconomic status, but who also act similar in their purchasing habits. Persona segmentation can lead to improved prospect marketing effectiveness, and give you a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Additionally, appending Personas to your customer database will enable you to identify, upsell, and cross-sell opportunities within your existing customer database. Personas can assist list owners in the development of new products and services, with tailored messages designed just for them.

10 Ways to Segment Data

It’s true! Not all customers are alike. In fact, every customer is different and expects a personalized experience. Customers will no longer engage with marketing campaigns that treat them as an assembly line.

A unique customer experience can be achieved through data segmentation. It will help you deliver targeted content that is relevant to your customers. Here are ten ways on how you can segment your data:

1. Engagement
Segments can be built based on customer activity. You can target customers that are taking action such as interacting with your social networks or by simply opening your email. You can also create segments based on customers that are less active. Messages should be tailored based on your customers’ engagement level.

2. Shopping Cart Abandonment
Create segments of your database that are comprised of customers who have filled a shopping cart, but did not complete the purchase. Send them targeted marketing campaigns with products from their abandoned shopping cart to help complete the conversion.

3. Past Purchases
You can segment customers based on specific products or services purchased previously. This information can be used to send them personalized emails that are catered to their interests. Another great way to provide a unique experience is to include add-ons from past products or services they once purchased.

4. Stage in the Sales Cycle
Customers fall at different stages in the sales cycle. Depending where each customer fits in the funnel, sending them a personalized message moves them along in the sales process. These segments will improve the lead nurturing process and can increase conversion rates as well as speed.

5. Website Interaction
Capturing customer interaction with your website is important. Take your website traffic data and segment based on their webpage visits. By identifying these key groups, you can provide them content that is most relevant to their needs.

6. Last Purchase Date
Keeping your customers engaged after purchase is imperative since this interaction could determine if they become a repeat purchaser. Follow up with personalized content based on their last purchase date. Sending them a simple survey about their purchase experience or product feedback will keep the customer engaged.

7. Product
Targeting groups based on product and category purchase history can have a deep impact on your ROI. For example, sending customers who repeatedly purchase mailing lists have an interest and a need for them. Providing customers personalized content based on their product preferences can boost engagement and increase conversions.

8. Purchase Frequency
Segment your customers based on how frequent they purchase. Knowing how often your customers purchase allows you to try to re-engage less active shoppers or reward frequent purchasers. For instance, you can offer discounts to less active purchasers to drive conversion or invite active purchasers to join your loyalty program.

9. Geography
Knowing where your customer resides is important information. Segmenting by geography is one of the most common forms of data segmentation. Creating customized segments based on geography can help you tailor your marketing message based on their location. For instance, you don’t want to market sleds to individuals that live in San Diego.

10. Opens & Clicks
Track customers who have opened or clicked on your email campaigns. If a customer opened your email, continue to include them in your email program until they finally click. If they clicked a link within your email, follow up with a phone call. This will help move the customer through the sales funnel.

Data segmentation helps clearly define how to target each group of customers and the patterns that differentiate them. Determining segments based on transactional, behavioral and demographic data will help you gain a deeper understanding of your customers. Contact us today to learn more about how data segmentation will allow you to send relevant content to your consumers and increase conversions!

07 Jul 2015

The Importance of Data Segmentation

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Having a solid segmentation strategy is key for differentiating your company from your competitors. Data segmentation gives companies the ability to identify high-opportunity groups within their customer database and can help you better communicate the benefits of your products and services to targeted groups.

Through segmentation you can identify how each segment is likely to react to an offer, a price, a promotion or product enhancement. Segmentation is about dividing your customer database based on characteristics such as demographic, geographic, lifestyle, life-stage, or behavioral/attitudinal.

Segmenting your database doesn’t mean that you target one segment and exclude the others from marketing communications. It helps determine the appropriate channels for sending offers to your targeted groups. With this knowledge you can develop a strategy that gets the best possible response from each segment and communicate your message using the appropriate marketing channel. Here are a few key benefits of data segmentation:

Better Communication
Segmenting your customer database helps to better target and focus marketing messages, offers and activities so they are more relevant. The more relevant your marketing message is then the likelihood it will resonate and generate a response increases.

Improve Resource Management
Segmentation allows for the effective allocation of marketing resources and the maximization of cross- and up-selling opportunities. When a customer is sent personalized messages that are designed around their needs, it’s easier for companies to send those customers special offers meant to encourage them to buy more products.

Increase Profitability
You can segment your customers into high, moderate, fair, and poor profitability. A marketing strategy can be developed that fits the needs of these targeted groups. For example, those highly profitable customers may be moved to the top of the phone queue for your sales team.

Customers can be segmented in an infinite number of ways. Here are a few suggestions on how to create segments of your consumer data:

• Base segments on location such as continents, countries, states, metropolitan statistical area, zip codes, or radius distance.
• Base other segments on age, income, ethnicity, gender, family size and type of family, such as married without kids, married with kids, empty nesters and retirees.
• Additional segments can consist of people or companies that have a similar level of interest in a comparable set of benefits.

In summary, segmentation ensures that marketing effectiveness is optimized and allows for a targeted sales drive. If done right your segments can feed into marketing campaigns that cater to your customers’ needs in an effective manner. If you target the proper segment you’ll achieve better customer engagement and higher profitability.

04 Jun 2015

Benefits of Data Cleansing

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Data cleansing benefits are infinite and can greatly impact your marketing activities. The benefits can eliminate the chance that you’re targeting wrong addresses, customers that may have died or opted out of receiving promotional materials. For example, the benefits of cleansing a mailing list with addresses and contacts includes removing duplicate records, removal of wrong addresses, mapping contact information correctly, will save you time, money and potential consumer issues. Here is a list of services that can help you reap the benefits of data cleansing:

Privacy Services / DNC (Do-Not-Call) Suppression
Suppressing records against the National FTC Do-Not-Call file, various state Do-Not-Call lists, the DMA Telephone Preference Service (TPS) file and the DMA Pander file ensures that your marketing efforts conform to all Federal and State legislation.

Deceased Suppression
Sending direct mail to the recently deceased adds insult to injury for the remaining members of a household. For others, it can create active hostility toward your company. This process allows you to identify and remove the records of deceased individuals from your database.

NCOALink® – 18 Month or 48 Month Update
NCOALink identifies changes of address on both business and consumer records, saving you printing and postage costs.

Duplicate names on your customer file are a source of confusion and a waste of marketing dollars. This process can clean up your database based on individual names, addresses, phone numbers and more. Not only can this process identify and delete duplicate records from one file, it can find duplicates and perform deletion processing across multiple files simultaneously.

CASS processed addresses verifies whether or not an address is an actual valid address.

LACSLink corrects address lists for areas that have undergone permanent address conversion. The LACSLink database consists of address conversions that the USPS® has obtained and verified, primarily a result of 911 address conversions.

DSF2® / DPV®
Using an EXACT address database from the USPS, DSF2 verifies whether or not an address is an actual valid address.

Address Element Correction
This process takes addresses and adds the address element(s) to make them deliverable addresses.

Stop wasting your marketing efforts and budget on inaccurate or obsolete data. Start utilizing data cleansing services to ensure your data is accurate and up-to-date. Contact us today with questions you may have on data cleansing or other email and list related services!


Data analytics is one of the most effective tools to enhance your business and the impact it can have on your company is significant. It is one of many key components to making your business grow successfully! To grow your business, you need to make informed decisions. Knowing your customers is a prerequisite, and the best way to understand your customers is to analyze your customer data.

How can data analytics improve the value of your business? It can bridge the gap between you and your customers. Customer data can provide a wealth of information about their business and market. To realize these benefits, customer data must be collected, analyzed and reviewed to help you focus on questions important to your business.

Have your data analytics team be responsible for identifying the data required, collecting it, analyzing it, and distributing the results. They should then be able to pinpoint key segment of your data, so you are no longer wasting marketing and advertising dollars on customers that are no longer your target audience.

Benefits derived from gathering and analyzing customer information for your business are:
• Improves customer relationships
• Lowers your costs
• Maximizes revenue and profits
• Maximizes the value of customers

CAS can help you with your data analytics needs! We can overlay demographics onto your customer file, analyze the data, and help you market to the projected top performing segments. Use our data analytics services and improve your segmentation and targeting in your direct marketing efforts.

07 May 2015

Understand The Data You Have Now

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Learn more about your customers by enhancing your database with current information that will help you increase the effectiveness and success of your target marketing efforts. Data appending is identifying invalid or missing information from a customer database, and repairing it by adding in missing elements of data. Here is a list of data appending services that can enhance your database:

Phone Append. CAS has been known for years as the leader in Phone Number Appending Services. CAS’s distinct capability lies in the fact that we process our records against two of the largest compiled databases in the country, all in one step. An additional enhancement to our phone appending services is a new matching process that looks at records on an individual level (not household), thus finding 15-20% more matches than by traditional means.

We are also one of the only phone append bureaus that offer you the flexibility of choosing which matches you want back; this is done through our Confidence Level matching. By “tightening up” the matching criteria, you can significantly reduce your Wrong Number/Disconnect rates and/or call your “best” matches first.

Reverse Append. If you have a customer or prospect list that contains a phone number, append the address and occupant name for direct mail purposes.

Demographic Append. Understand household income, age, occupation, education levels, presence of children and lifestyle characteristics of your customers. Appending demographics, behavioral and mortgage information gives you the clearest picture of who your customers really are and allows you to market to them the proper way.

Email Append. Email append is a process of adding (appending) an email address to a list of names and addresses. This list could be your customers or prospects and comprised of businesses or residential addresses. Your data is matched against a number of nationwide postal and email files. Hundreds of millions of records go into the match process.

Cable Append. In cases where your house or prospect file contains only residential street addresses, this service can match the street address and return a name and/or telephone number based on your choice. Match rates vary based on input records age.

Data append provides you with up-to-date data, so you can effectively target your audience. Without accurate data such as current mailing addresses, telephone numbers, and email addresses, your efforts can be wasted. Ensure that valuable opportunities aren’t lost by utilizing data append services.

Thank you for your time and interest in CAS services! Please do not hesitate to contact us with questions on append services or other email and list related services.

Better Data = Better Marketing.

We’ve all seen the Allstate Insurance commercials featuring their trouble maker, “Mayhem”. They’re very entertaining. The message is so cleverly tied into each theme. The one above is Mayhem acting as a GPS device in a car.

“You never update me, so now I just have to wing it.”

He proceeds to get the driver into a fender bender with horrible directions. After the car collides with another car, Mayhem then looks into the camera and says,

“Your 15 minute insurance might not pay for all this.”

For CAS, this message is all too personal. We’re not in the business of selling insurance but rather a leader in direct marketing services. One of the things we’re known for is selling data. Of course there is a plethora of list brokers and data compilers out there but how can you trust that the data you purchased is good? Our data is better. Period.

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Who is CAS? CAS, Inc., short for Central Address Systems, Inc. has been around since 1981. Headquartered in Omaha, NE, we’ve established ourselves as a leader in direct marketing services.

We help businesses with their direct marketing needs. Businesses would search us out for 3 reasons:

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