What is Multichannel Marketing?

What is Multichannel Marketing?

What is multichannel marketing, and why should you care?

Multichannel marketing is the practice of targeting customers through a combination of marketing channels. Campaigns that cross diverse channels with a continual message provide more opportunities for customers to interact with your company.

There are a slew of diverse marketing channels available to connect with your customers today. It seems the outlets are limitless, this can allow for new and creative ways to interact with customers. Many of the popular marketing channels are direct mail, email, print ad, telemarketing, radio, websites, apps, blogging and social media just to name a few.

Soon, companies will be enlisting the help of AR monsters (Augmented Reality Monsters) in the hopes of luring in potential buyers. This is proof that new marketing channels can pop up at any moment.

Now on to why you should care.

How many times have you found yourself sitting down to watch your favorite show on a Friday night? If you are anything like me, my guess is often. I am also assuming, like most, you have a smart phone or tablet in hand, scrolling Twitter or Facebook? Crazy right?

Today, people are consuming media more than ever. Some are even using multiple devices at one time to stay connected. Being visible on a multitude of channels is a must if you want to stay ahead of the competition.

There are thousands of tv channels and websites, providing more choices for consuming media. YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are words ingrained into our everyday vocabulary. Before consumers purchase an item they are watching talk shows, reading blogs, searching Twitter to see what people are saying, checking Facebook for reviews, and then finally purchasing. The path of today’s consumer is much different than it was 5-10 years ago.

The goal of multichannel marketing is to create multiple touch points with your customer. Advertising your product across diverse channels allows your customers to consume and interact with your company in their preferred method.

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