The Difference is Quality

You may know that CAS is one of the industry leaders in the data world, but did you know that CAS is also one of the only companies in our industry to be ISO 9001 certified?

But what does being ISO 9001 certified mean?

ISO 9001 is a worldwide standard administered by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), based in Switzerland. ISO 9001 is currently in use by over one million organizations and companies all over the world.

ISO certification is based on quality management principles, which are continually audited and monitored to maintain the high level of excellence our customers come to expect from CAS. These principles help CAS to continuously improve our organization and performance.

At CAS, quality is our number one priority. Being an ISO 9001 certified company for over 18 years; CAS is required to maintain a high level of quality assurance in design, development, production and servicing.

Some of the benefits of being an ISO 9001 certified company include:

  • Involving executive management in the improvement of the quality management system
  • Ensuring sustained customer satisfaction by producing, delivering, providing support functions that meet our customers’ needs and expectations
  • Increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the organization through continual improvement of systems and quality of products/services
  • Controlled operational processes, insuring consistent output quality

As a customer, working with a company that is ISO 9001 certified ensures that you receive consistent, high quality data and services. When given the choice in where to purchase your data, wouldn’t you want to work with an industry leader that holds itself to a higher level of quality standards? The real difference between “good” and “bad” data is QUALITY.

Being an ISO 9001 certified company since 1998 shows CAS’ dedication to continued organizational improvement and excellence in quality.

Read more about CAS’ ISO 9001 certification here or give us a call 866-461-4693.

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