Future of Email Marketing for Mobile Devices is Here

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Now is the time to optimize your email for mobile devices. Email is the most popular activity on mobile devices right above browsing the web. This is why creating a strategy for mobile activity is essential for a successful email deployment.
Here are a few tips to follow when sending emails to mobile users.•  Deploy emails during the highest engagement time. Approximately, one-fourth of emails are opened within 1 hour of sending. Users are more likely to open emails during lunch breaks and after work on their mobile device, so sending out messages during this time would derive the highest open rate.•  Not all content renders correctly on mobile platforms. Links directed to blogs, videos, or landing pages may not render on mobile devices the same. Ensure that these online pages are optimized for mobile users. This will reduce the number of users deleting the email because they can’t view the content.•  Open rates are decreasing on desktops and are soaring on mobile devices; therefore, you’ll need to focus on all mobile platforms. Create a responsive template that views in all mobile platforms to ensure the users content is rendering correctly.•  Users scan their emails on their mobile device to pinpoint the most important messages. It’s important to craft your email to attract the user’s interest, so they will view your message later on their desktop. The subject line is the first thing the user sees. Keep it short with a call-to-action at the start to engage interest with the user.

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