What is Omnichannel Marketing?

What is Omnichannel Marketing?

As technology changes at a fast pace so does the vocabulary used to describe it. One marketing buzzword that comes to mind as of recently is “omnichannel” marketing.

What exactly is omnichannel marketing, and how is it different from multichannel marketing?

Omnichannel marketing refers to a business delivering a constant branded message across all digital channels and the devices a customer uses to engage. As an example: Suppose you are browsing the website of a handbag store on your mobile device. You find a bag you like, place it in your online cart, get distracted and don’t finish the purchase.

Several hours later, you find yourself scrolling through Facebook on your laptop; you see an ad from the same store featuring that handbag currently sitting in your online shopping cart. You click on it and just as you are ready to checkout, your laptop battery dies. You then jump onto your ipad, open the website and are seamlessly able to finish the purchase. With the convenience of synchronized channels and devices, onmichannel marketing is used to increase the customer experience. (Source: entrepreneur.com)

How is omnichannel marketing different from multi-channel marketing?

Multichannel marketing is a tactical approach (source: dataorama.com) that combines various forms and outlets to advertise.  Examples:  postcard, email campaign, tv/radio, telemarketing, and social media/blog sites. Omnichannel marketing is strategic.

Measuring success from a multichannel marketing campaign can be challenging if the proper steps are not put in place. Omnichannel marketing is a little more streamlined in that aspect. Regardless, both omnicahnnel marketing and multichannel marketing are effective in their own way.  If you aren’t doing one or the other in your business you need to be.

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