&THEN 2016 Recap

&THEN 2016 Recap


Welcome to Hollywood! It was an attention-grabbing show this year at the &THEN DMA event in downtown LA. We were happy to connect with familiar faces and excited about the new relationships we made. Here are a few things that caught our eye:

1. Attendance– The first response from our industry peers was that the show felt like a ghost town. The exhibitors, attendees and the overall size of the show were down; it was different from years past. However, we realized right away the actual decision makers were the ones in attendance. No more padded conversations, you are talking with the person who needs your product and service. In this circumstance less is more.

2. Exhibitors- We noticed many new age software data compilation companies at the show. These new players can come in handy making the cloud a simpler place to store Big Data.

3. Theme- The main concept of the show was how data is captured and displayed to your marketing universe. The one stable concept we continue to see each year at the event is data. It doesn’t matter how fancy your system is to communicate with your audience. Marketers will always need the “offline” data to support and verify the new age of data compilation.

It is simple. Data is king. The various amounts of demographics available allow marketers the opportunity to enhance, verify and multi-channel communicate to their marketing universe. This can provide a better understanding of who their prospect or customer is. CAS/nSightful was started on this same age concept over 35 years ago. The basics, longevity and quality are what keep CAS on the map. In the meantime, we’ll see you at the show next year!

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