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Is your business using email marketing as a tool for communication to your prospects or customers? The time is now to embrace that email communication is not going anywhere. Here are 5 reasons you should use nSightful Email Powered by CAS as part of your online marketing strategy.

  1. Cost Effective:

With email marketing you are not paying for the printing and or postage. This is the cheapest way to stay in contact with your customers.

  1. Turn Time:

Email Marketing can be completed in hours! You could send out a campaign the same day you created the content. It is real time engagement to your customers and prospects.

  1. Personalization:

With Email Marketing you have the ability to personalize the content you are sending. You are able to personalize the subject line, the copy of the email and landing pages as well as create personalized follow up emails based on the response of the individual.

  1. Brand Awareness:

With each email sent, consumers are exposed to your business and brand. Continual communication allows you to continually build value. When a customer needs a product or service, your business stands a chance of turning the leads into life long customers.

  1. Results:
    Sample Email Report

    Sample Email Report

Email Marketing can provide tracking information of how many people opened, clicked a link, what link was clicked and how many times it was clicked. From these results you can gauge a prospects interest on the offer you are providing and the future means of communication.

Be prepared for the year ahead and embrace changes to your marketing strategy that open up multiple channels of communication. Email Marketing is not going away and it is only growing. Either it be B2B acquisition email programs or B2C aquisition email programs, your ROI will increase.

New to email marketing? Need a full-service solution? To learn more about nSightful Email Powered by CAS, visit our website at Or call today, 866.461.4693 to speak with one of our data experts.

Email Marketing. . . HOT!

This week CAS attended the Direct Marketing Association’ s annual trade show in Chicago.  This marks our 18th year exhibiting at the annual conference for direct marketing providers. Our goal each year for the DMA is to solidify specific vendor relationships as well as grow relationships with customers and prospects.

The hot topic this year was email marketing. Across all spectrums of business and marketing, attendees expressed their need to improve their email marketing and CAS was there with a solution. This year CAS rolled out nSightful it’s new email marketing service.  nSightful is a B2B acquisition email product that provides a solution to increase available sales ready leads while keeping marketing costs down. With our user defined and robust prospect database, nSightful can engage the prospect based on their responsiveness through a variety of tailored email messaging.

What will nSightful do for you?
  • Work with you to convert engaged leads
  • Grow your marketing universe
  • Provide cost effective data processing and marketing solutions that work

Quality over Quantity

As we continue to grow and customize our marketing products and services, we have a strong belief that it is all about quality over quantity. At the show, we heard providers talk about the number of records they had in their database. As in, the higher the count the better the database. Not necessarily. Don’t be fooled by a high record count! Whether you’re marketing B2C or B2B, CAS ensures our database is better because we continuously and regularly update & manage all of our databases. So pay for a higher count and get garbage or pay for a quality data and get sales? We advise going with the latter to maximize your ROI.

It’s hard to mute the reviews of other exhibitors. Several complained that this year’s DMA attendee turnout was lower than in previous years. We disagree. This year CAS recognized that attendees who made it to our booth were our niche market. They were interested in our products and services more so than in past years. This could be a credit to the DMA and their marketing efforts, hosting the event in Chicago or our own DMA marketing efforts. We are optimistic that the prospects we met with will work with CAS and utilize our diverse product set and industry expertise. With our focus on quality over quantity, our clients and prospects can rest assured we will continue to invest in quality data practices and services as those will be worth our time and effort.

In summary, the DMA 2013 was a success for CAS. We enjoyed entertaining attendees with a refreshing drink at our Martini Reception. An nSightful ploy to get attendees to stop and talk marketing with us. We look forward to the next DMA.

If you’d like more information about our nSightful email marketing services, please call us at 866.249.1977 or email us at

Until next year, keep it classy San Diego.


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On October 16th, 2013 new rules will go into effect regarding the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. To educate our customers and readers, we want to make sure you know exactly what rights you have as consumers and as direct marketers.

Instead of CAS trying to explain this, it’s best to leave this to the experts. David O. Klein, partner with the firm of Klein Moynihan Turco LLP in New York, NY, explains the new requirements in detail on his firm’s website. With his permission, here is how the new rules will impact direct marketing:

What is the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (“TCPA”)?

The TCPA[1] was passed into law in 1991. The Federal Communications Commission (“FCC”) is empowered to issue rules and regulations implementing the TCPA.  Among other things, the TCPA allows individuals to file lawsuits and collect damages for receiving unsolicited telemarketing calls, faxes, pre-recorded calls or auto-dialed calls.

What is a Telemarketing Call?

“Telemarketing” calls include those made by advertisers[2] that offer or market products/services to consumers. Purely informational calls and calls for non-commercial purposes are exempt from the FCC’s regulations.

What is an Auto-dialed Call?

An auto-dialed call is a phone call, involving a live person or pre-recorded message, that is placed using an “auto-dialer,” or automatic telephone dialing system, that can produce, store and call telephone numbers using a random or sequential number generator.[3]  The auto-dialed call definition should be broadly construed in an effort to avoid unwanted litigation and regulatory action.  For instance, if you are utilizing any type of call center software as part of your telemarketing operations, you may be using an auto-dialer within the FCC’s definition.  If you are unsure, we recommend that you consult with an attorney who has expertise in telemarketing law.

What is a Robocall?

A robocall is a phone call that uses an “auto-dialer” system to deliver a pre-recorded telemarketing message.

Are SMS text messages to cell phones considered “calls” under the TCPA?

Yes. The TCPA applies to both voice and short message service (SMS) text messages, if they are transmitted for marketing purposes. The TCPA has been interpreted in recent years to prohibit the sending of unsolicited commercial text messages to cell phones – with limited exceptions (i.e., messages sent for emergency purposes).

What are the new TCPA Rules?

In a Report and Order approved on February 15, 2012, the FCC adopted additional protections for consumers concerning unwanted auto-dialed and/or robocalls.  The changes to the TCPA are as follows:[4]

New Rule


What is the new requirement?

Prior express written consent October 16, 2013 Unambiguous written consent required before telemarketing call or text message.  Exception: calls that are manually dialed and do not contain a pre-recorded message are exempt from the TCPA.
No “established business relationship” exemption October 16, 2013 Established business relationship no longer relieves advertisers of prior unambiguous written consent requirement.

1)     Beginning October 16, 2013, prior express written consent will be required for all autodialed and/or pre-recorded calls/texts sent/made to cell phone and pre-recorded calls made to residential land lines for marketing purposes.

Compliance with the E-SIGN Act satisfies this requirement, meaning that electronic or digital forms of signature are acceptable (i.e., agreements obtained via email, website form, text message, telephone keypress or voice recording).

Consumer consent must be unambiguous, meaning that the consumer must receive a “clear and conspicuous disclosure” that he/she will receive future calls that deliver auto-dialed and/or pre-recorded telemarketing messages on behalf of a specific advertiser; that his/her consent is not a condition of purchase; and he/she must designate a phone number at which to be reached (which should not be pre-populated by the advertiser in an online form).  Limited exceptions apply to this requirement, such as calls/texts from the consumer’s cellular carrier, debt collectors, schools, informational notices and healthcare-related calls.

If a dispute concerning consent arises, the advertiser bears the burden of proof to demonstrate that a clear and conspicuous disclosure was provided and that the consumer unambiguously consented to receive telemarketing calls to the number he/she specifically provided.  It is a best practice for advertisers to maintain each consumer’s written consent for at least four (4) years, which is the federal statute of limitations to bring an action under the TCPA.  Evidence of Internet-provided written consent includes, but is not limited to, website pages that contain consumer consent language and fields, associated screenshot of the consent webpage as seen by the consumer where the phone number was inputted, complete data record submitted by the consumer (with time and date stamp), together with the applicable consumer IP address.

2)     Beginning October 16, 2013, the “established business relationship” exemption for pre-recorded telemarketing calls to residential landlines will be eliminated.

In the past, advertisers could rely on an established business relationship (such as a previous purchase) to circumvent the need to obtain a consumer’s written consent to receive telemarketing calls.  That exception to the consent requirement will no longer exist after this year.  Advertisers will have to obtain written consumer consent, outlined above, even if they previously had a business relationship with the consumer.

What are the penalties for failing to comply with the TCPA?

The TCPA provides for either actual damages or statutory damages ranging from $500.00 to $1,500.00 per unsolicited call/message.   In determining the final amount of statutory damages to award, courts analyze whether the defendant “willfully” or “knowingly” violated the TCPA.  Considering that telemarketing campaigns often involve thousands to, in some cases, millions, of calls/text messages, potential damages under the TCPA may escalate very quickly.

Sample Website

Consent Language

I hereby consent to receive auto-dialed and/or pre-recorded telemarketing calls from or on behalf of [ADVERTISER] at the telephone number provided above.[5]I understand that consent is not a condition of purchase.

If you are in need of legal advice/assistance in connection with a prospective marketing campaign, we would be happy to speak with you.  Please contact David O. Klein at 212.246.0900 or via e-mail at

The material contained herein is provided for informational purposes only and is not legal advice, nor is it a substitute for obtaining legal advice from an attorney.  Each marketing situation is unique, and you should not act or rely on any information contained herein without seeking the advice of an experienced telemarketing attorney.

[1] 42 U.S.C. §§ 227 et seq.

[2] For simplicity, the term “advertisers”, as contained herein, include sellers and those telemarketing companies that market sellers’ goods/services.

[3] 47 U.S.C. § 227(a)(1).

[4] Please note that two new TCPA regulations have already gone into effect: 1) interactive opt-out mechanisms must be announced at the outset of the message and be available throughout the duration of the call; and 2) advertisers must keep records of “abandoned calls” and average no more than 3% for each campaign over a 30-day period.

[5] The checkbox and phone number should not be pre-populated and the consumer’s phone number should appear on the same page as the consent.

David O. Klein is the managing partner of the law firm of Klein Moynihan Turco LLP in New York, NY, where he practices Telemarketing and Internet Marketing Law. He can be reached at (212) 246-0900 or via e-mail at

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Day after day we hear from marketers who want to acquire a prospecting email list and do their own acquisition email marketing using “in-house” applications to deploy. Often, these applications turn out to be something like a Constant Contact, iContact, Mail Chimp, or Vertical Response. Marketers want to take this approach because they actually get to receive the data and they know their deployments are being executed directly. What they do not realize is that, in many cases, they are hurting their campaign performance and jeopardizing the status of their accounts from their email provider. A closer look will show you that the terms and conditions on these programs clearly state that they are not to be used with purchased prospecting lists, and should only be used for deployments to your internal customer database. Loading a purchased list into one of these programs and deploying is likely to lead to:

  •  25+% undeliverable rate
  • More of your “delivered”  messages going into spam/junk folders
  • Getting “Blacklisted” by the servers receiving your messages
  • Deactivation of your account from the email service provider
  • *Most Important* – Lower response rates and lower ROI

So what is the best approach to acquisition email marketing? Prospecting via email is clearly an effective and economical component in a successful marketing plan and a popular characteristic in multi-channel direct marketing campaign.

CAS offers email deployment programs for both acquisition and customer retention. Our dedicated Email Marketing professionals will assist you from start to finish with your email campaign. Our programs are set up to help you find new prospects. We send to a database of contacts that already have a relationship with our servers and IP addresses and tailor our deployment methods for the highest possible deliverability and response.

Depending on the program you purchase, CAS can even release the contact info for anyone who opens or clicks your message. This gives you a whole new segment to market to at your discretion.

For successful email campaigns, download our email whitepaper:

CAS eMail White Paper

Download the CAS white paper on eMail:

28 Jun 2013

We passed the ISO 9001:2008 audit!

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Whew!! That was stressful. A few weeks ago we had an ISO 9001:2008 audit here at CAS. You might ask, what is ISO 9001:2008 certification? Well I’ll tell you.

ISO is the International Organization for Standardization. Check out their website:

ISO International Standards ensure that products and services are safe, reliable and of good quality. For business, they are strategic tools that reduce costs by minimizing waste and errors and increasing productivity. They help companies to access new markets, level the playing field for developing countries and facilitate free and fair global trade.

Your next question is what is ISO 9001:2008?

ISO 9001:2008 specifies requirements for a quality management system where an organization

  • needs to demonstrate its ability to consistently provide product that meets customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements, and

  • aims to enhance customer satisfaction through the effective application of the system, including processes for continual improvement of the system and the assurance of conformity to customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements

So what does this mean to our customers?

CAS follows the guidelines set by the ISO 9001:2008:

We monitor our operating procedures, training, procedure audits, maintain quality vendors & customer satisfaction. We hold meetings to follow through on any customer issues and establish a resolution so the same issue isn’t repeated.


Mandy True will be CAS, Inc.’s new Email Account Manager (pause for cheering and clapping). One of the services CAS offers is Opt-in Email Marketing. Mandy will be there to assist you with your deployments and helping you throughout the entire process.

I asked Mandy to tell us little bit about herself:

So a bio about myself, huh!  Well let’s see….

I have two crazy kids with my amazing husband, Chris.  We have been together for almost 10 years and married for 7 years on May 20th!  Our son, Hunter is 5 and in Kindergarten.  Hunter is a wrestler, plays football and baseball and also in karate.  Our daughter, Isabelle is 18 months.  She is a total Daddy’s girl and loves to get into EVERYTHING!

As for myself, I am the oldest of 8 children, the youngest of which is 10 years old. I love camping, racing (Nascar, Stock, Drag and Dirt Track), baking and anything Disney. I have always lived here in Omaha, can’t seem to leave this place. Graduated from Omaha Central High School where I was on the Flag Team, Cross Country, Track and Swim Team and in ROTC. I attended Metro Community College with a degree in Criminal Justice!  LOL  Really I did.  :)

Oh and before coming here, I worked at InfoGroup for 8 years and the last 5 years was in the email marketing department.

So as you can see, Mandy has worked in the direct marketing industry prior to coming over to CAS so she’s already familiar with the products and industry lingo. As soon as she’s done with all her hiring paperwork, sexual harassment video circa 1988 and getting her desk all situated – she’ll be ready to get to work for you!

Please help me welcome Mandy to the CAS team!

Better Data = Better Marketing.

We’ve all seen the Allstate Insurance commercials featuring their trouble maker, “Mayhem”. They’re very entertaining. The message is so cleverly tied into each theme. The one above is Mayhem acting as a GPS device in a car.

“You never update me, so now I just have to wing it.”

He proceeds to get the driver into a fender bender with horrible directions. After the car collides with another car, Mayhem then looks into the camera and says,

“Your 15 minute insurance might not pay for all this.”

For CAS, this message is all too personal. We’re not in the business of selling insurance but rather a leader in direct marketing services. One of the things we’re known for is selling data. Of course there is a plethora of list brokers and data compilers out there but how can you trust that the data you purchased is good? Our data is better. Period.

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Who is CAS? CAS, Inc., short for Central Address Systems, Inc. has been around since 1981. Headquartered in Omaha, NE, we’ve established ourselves as a leader in direct marketing services.

We help businesses with their direct marketing needs. Businesses would search us out for 3 reasons:

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I came across an ad by Office Depot out on Youtube that really hit home. This has been around awhile but it has a very important message. What does this have to do with direct marketing? Just because it’s cheaper doesn’t necessarily mean it’s better. So if you want better data, better products, better service you should be using CAS!

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Welcome to CAS’ brand new blog site!  Please excuse our mess as it’s still under construction. We will be making changes regularly and will soon be posting articles relevant to our industry!


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