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2015 &THEN DMA Review

2015 &THEN DMA Review

CAS attended the 2015 &THEN version of the annual DMA conference and exhibit show earlier this month. There were some interesting re-branding changes such as area name changes, more general public sessions, an excellent conference schedule, and some good/bad ideas were tried.

CAS met with a lot of clients, and new people in the direct marketing industry which allowed us to see new ideas and new trends that are coming. There were many good discussions and marketing concepts debated during the three days of marketing immersion.

You will be happy to know that nSightful / CAS is on the leading edge with our integrated marketing services that blend direct mail, email, social media and telemarketing to reach prospects in the way they want to be contacted. Our complete suite of marketing services was easy to present to newbies in our industry and really generated lots of interest.

All in all, the 2015 &THEN DMA conference was a good use of time, and CAS will be there next year!

NAIFA Review

NAIFA Review

We recently attend the NAIFA tradeshow in New Orleans and it was a success for CAS! We exhibited for the first time at this event and are pleased with the overall activity and traffic at the show. We made numerous new contacts and the amount of follow-up has made the trip well worth it. We were able to talk with financial and insurance leaders from all across the United States about their business needs and marketing focus.

Our conversation topics with these professionals revolved around how CAS can help them find additional customers. We talked specifically about our nSightful Email product and the process we have in place with email to find new customers. Another topic was about how we can take care of database maintenance with our variety of data processing services.

All attendees were responsive and open for discussions. The professionalism of the show and the attendees really stood out for CAS. Follow-up will be important, but making new relationships was our goal and we succeeded!


Turbo Count & Order System Upgrade!

CAS is pleased to announce that we’ll be launching our upgraded count and order system on September 21, 2015. Our in-house IT and web design teams worked together over the past year to complete this upgrade and are proud to share it with you!

The overall functionality our clients are used to is still intact, so nothing new to learn! We have updated some of Turbo’s features such as compatibility with a variety of browsers and incorporated a new design to enhance the user’s experience.

Our count and order system offers you access to sell a wide variety of data via your own branded website. This private label capability provides you a fresh product offering for your clients and a new source of profits!

Click here to learn how CAS’ Turbo Count & Order system can benefit your company today.

Who are your most profitable customers? Knowing your best customers and their value can help you find more like them within your current market or new market expansion. Not all customers offer the same business value, so it’s important to distinguish between the most and least profitable customers.

Who Are Your Profitable Customers

A clear picture of your customer’s value is key to developing and implementing successful marketing and customer relationship management programs. Such knowledge helps you effectively target your promotional, advertising, and marketing campaigns to your audience.

Before you can find new customers and increase profits, you need to understand who your most profitable customers are. The key is to first analyze your customers by developing a snapshot of a customer’s value. Use the information you have about your customers to understand their value. You can differentiate between your most and least profitable customers using these methods:

• Calculate the average amount a customer spends in a single transaction
• Multiply across the number of transactions in a year
• Multiply by the number of years a customer stays a customer
• Factor in the customer purchase amount or the transaction frequency

These calculations can reveal how much each customer spends, how many resources your business ties up, and profits you make on their business. Now that you better understand who you’re already selling to you can develop a marketing plan to reach new customers. Here are a few suggestions on how you can gain new customers:

Referrals are perhaps the best affirmation of customer satisfaction. It’s also a way to gain customers with the highest retention rates. These customers tend to purchase more over time and in turn become a source of additional referrals.

Communicate to others in your network what type of customer you’re looking for. This is an effective way to reach new customers in your target market.

Strategic Alliances
Establish an agreement between a business to pursue an agreed upon objectives needed while remaining independent organizations. As long as there is continued value to the shared audience, strategic alliances produce streams of referral business.

You should continually review the value of your existing customers. Over time, customers who used to be highly profitable might want lower prices. Pay attention to your customers’ future potential as well. It may be worth cultivating a relationship with a small customer with high growth potential.


Did you know that CAS provides print and lettershop services for direct marketing campaigns? Our in-house Lettershop can accommodate a wide variety of direct mail project sizes from design to delivery. We offer our clients a full range of lettershop services ranging from list processing, printing and inserting to sealing, metering and presentation to the USPS.

With over 30 years of hands-on experience in the direct mail industry, CAS has vast expertise with postal regulations and discount opportunities allowing us to provide cost-effective solutions for your mailing project. Our recently upgraded Lettershop facility has the capacity, equipment, and knowledgeable team to execute any direct mail campaign.

Click here for more information.


The holiday season is approaching! Businesses and consumers look forward to this time every year. Consumers want to shop and businesses want to profit from increased spending. Here are a few marketing tips for a successful holiday season.

Email Marketing
Email marketing is an important to include in your holiday marketing plan. Customers are always looking for deals during the holiday season and sending them an email that includes discounts and coupons is a great way to drive customers offline and online. Promotional ideas could be offering a free gift with a purchase, free shipping during the holiday season, or significant discounts to “act now”. Including incentives in your holiday email campaigns will increase engagement and conversion.

Sales Strategy
Creating a sales strategy is crucial to having a successful holiday season. Focus on products and services that are your best sellers. Your best sellers will drive business during the last few months of the year. To generate more sales (and profit) early in the season, provide customers with early bird specials promoting your products and services. Thank your customers for their support by sending holiday cards with a free gift or discounts showing them you appreciate their business.

Social Media
Social media plays a significant role in consumer engagement during the holiday season. Consumers are spending more time on their mobile devices navigating social sites making it easier for you to reach them. Connecting with your customers through social media posts keeps your products and services on the forefront of their minds. Keep them intrigued and engaged on a continual bases by posting great offers and promotions. For example, create a series of social media posts that get your customers to participate in games. Each week post a question asking your customers a question and if there answer is selected they’ll receive a discount or gift.

We’re thankful for all of our customers and are here to help you with all of your data needs for this holiday season! Please feel free to contact us to discuss our products and services.


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07 Jul 2015

The Importance of Data Segmentation

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Having a solid segmentation strategy is key for differentiating your company from your competitors. Data segmentation gives companies the ability to identify high-opportunity groups within their customer database and can help you better communicate the benefits of your products and services to targeted groups.

Through segmentation you can identify how each segment is likely to react to an offer, a price, a promotion or product enhancement. Segmentation is about dividing your customer database based on characteristics such as demographic, geographic, lifestyle, life-stage, or behavioral/attitudinal.

Segmenting your database doesn’t mean that you target one segment and exclude the others from marketing communications. It helps determine the appropriate channels for sending offers to your targeted groups. With this knowledge you can develop a strategy that gets the best possible response from each segment and communicate your message using the appropriate marketing channel. Here are a few key benefits of data segmentation:

Better Communication
Segmenting your customer database helps to better target and focus marketing messages, offers and activities so they are more relevant. The more relevant your marketing message is then the likelihood it will resonate and generate a response increases.

Improve Resource Management
Segmentation allows for the effective allocation of marketing resources and the maximization of cross- and up-selling opportunities. When a customer is sent personalized messages that are designed around their needs, it’s easier for companies to send those customers special offers meant to encourage them to buy more products.

Increase Profitability
You can segment your customers into high, moderate, fair, and poor profitability. A marketing strategy can be developed that fits the needs of these targeted groups. For example, those highly profitable customers may be moved to the top of the phone queue for your sales team.

Customers can be segmented in an infinite number of ways. Here are a few suggestions on how to create segments of your consumer data:

• Base segments on location such as continents, countries, states, metropolitan statistical area, zip codes, or radius distance.
• Base other segments on age, income, ethnicity, gender, family size and type of family, such as married without kids, married with kids, empty nesters and retirees.
• Additional segments can consist of people or companies that have a similar level of interest in a comparable set of benefits.

In summary, segmentation ensures that marketing effectiveness is optimized and allows for a targeted sales drive. If done right your segments can feed into marketing campaigns that cater to your customers’ needs in an effective manner. If you target the proper segment you’ll achieve better customer engagement and higher profitability.


CAS is excited to announce that we have successfully been recertified in ISO 9001:2008. The Quality Management System certification demonstrates our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, as well as continuously improving our company’s operations.

The internationally recognized Quality Management System standard is the preferred solution for organizations worldwide. It provides our company with a framework and set of principles that ensure a common sense approach to the management of CAS’ business activities to consistently achieve customer satisfaction.

This certification is based on eight quality management principles (all fundamental to good business practice). These principles improve our organizational performance:

Customer Focus
Organizations depend on their customers, and therefore need to shape activities around the fulfillment of market need.

Needed to provide unity of purpose and direction.

Involvement of People
Creates an environment where people become fully involved in achieving the organization’s objectives.

Process Approach
To achieve organizational objectives, resources and activities need to be managed as processes, with an understanding of how the outputs of one process affect the inputs of another.

Systematic Approach to Management
The effectiveness and efficiency of the organization depends on a systemized approach to work activities.

Continual Improvement
Adopting IOS related processes as a part of everyday culture is a key objective for an organization.

Fact Based Decision-Making
Effective decisions are based on the logical and intuitive analysis of data and factual information.

Mutually Beneficial Supplier Relationships
Such relationships will enhance the ability to create value.

There are many benefits of being ISO 9001:2008 certified! Some of these benefits include: involving executive management in the improvement of the quality management system; ensuring sustained customer satisfaction by producing, delivering, providing support functions that meet our customers’ needs and expectations; increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the organization through continual improvement of systems and quality of products/services.

04 Jun 2015

Benefits of Data Cleansing

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Data cleansing benefits are infinite and can greatly impact your marketing activities. The benefits can eliminate the chance that you’re targeting wrong addresses, customers that may have died or opted out of receiving promotional materials. For example, the benefits of cleansing a mailing list with addresses and contacts includes removing duplicate records, removal of wrong addresses, mapping contact information correctly, will save you time, money and potential consumer issues. Here is a list of services that can help you reap the benefits of data cleansing:

Privacy Services / DNC (Do-Not-Call) Suppression
Suppressing records against the National FTC Do-Not-Call file, various state Do-Not-Call lists, the DMA Telephone Preference Service (TPS) file and the DMA Pander file ensures that your marketing efforts conform to all Federal and State legislation.

Deceased Suppression
Sending direct mail to the recently deceased adds insult to injury for the remaining members of a household. For others, it can create active hostility toward your company. This process allows you to identify and remove the records of deceased individuals from your database.

NCOALink® – 18 Month or 48 Month Update
NCOALink identifies changes of address on both business and consumer records, saving you printing and postage costs.

Duplicate names on your customer file are a source of confusion and a waste of marketing dollars. This process can clean up your database based on individual names, addresses, phone numbers and more. Not only can this process identify and delete duplicate records from one file, it can find duplicates and perform deletion processing across multiple files simultaneously.

CASS processed addresses verifies whether or not an address is an actual valid address.

LACSLink corrects address lists for areas that have undergone permanent address conversion. The LACSLink database consists of address conversions that the USPS® has obtained and verified, primarily a result of 911 address conversions.

DSF2® / DPV®
Using an EXACT address database from the USPS, DSF2 verifies whether or not an address is an actual valid address.

Address Element Correction
This process takes addresses and adds the address element(s) to make them deliverable addresses.

Stop wasting your marketing efforts and budget on inaccurate or obsolete data. Start utilizing data cleansing services to ensure your data is accurate and up-to-date. Contact us today with questions you may have on data cleansing or other email and list related services!

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